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kansas river fishing report

The boat ramp in Elk City State Park is open, but caution is needed as water levels are still high. Bass are few and far between at this lake, but they are big. Last Updated: 11/24/2020 Print. TORONTO RESERVOIR - Trolling crankbaits or drifting a jig and crawler over the flats may produce some fish. Located north of Silver Lake, Shawnee State Fishing Lake is the site of good catch and release largemouth bass fishing. Did have reports of fish being caught around the fish attractors and along the dam using jigs with twister tails, road runners and crank baits. The majority of the crappie in the lake are small and the crappie population density needs to be reduced. Nice sized largemouth can be found throughout the lake. Centralia is enrolled in the CFAP program, which means a City permit is not required for fishing visits. BASSMASTERS has recognized LA CYGNE RESERVOIR in its TOP 10 bass lakes of the Midwest. Last Updated: 10/23/2020 Print. Fresh cut bait, worms, and stink bait are all good summer bait choices. There is the occasional harvest of a blue catfish. However, there is still fair numbers of crappie above 10 inches. Some blue catfish have been caught that are over 80 pounds. Shad imitation baits will also produce bites. Last Updated: 12/8/2020 Print, Link to USACE reservoir water level: http://www.swt-wc.usace.army.mil/FALL.lakepage.html. OSAGE STATE FISHING LAKE - Kansas River is a stream located just .9 miles from Kansas City, in Wyandotte County, in the state of Kansas, United States. The crappie are close to cover. and Gorman, north 1/4 mile. Crappie can be found around the brush piles and Georgia Cube structures throughout the fall and will get easier to catch as the water temperatures cool. As blue catfish populations become established in Kansas’ largest reservoirs, popularity of this species among anglers also continues to grow. White crappie are abundant and caught close to cover, with light colored jigs. Check out our, Scope Adjustment: 2-Shot Method to Scope Sighting. The second stocking of trout occurred on Thursday (12/03/2020). Try 1/8 oz. Large natural concentrations of black crappie, white crappie, and bluegill with channel catfish and walleye captured on video in a Kansas reservoir. In addition to a state fishing license, a Johnson County fishing permit is required. Last Updated: 8/15/2020 Print, If you have information that you would like to contribute to the fishing report contact Nick Kramer at nick.kramer@ks.gov. Feeders are done for the season. Fall crappie fishing can be very productive as the fish become more active and feed aggressively in preparation for winter. Summertime patterns are in place. There is a lot of cover in this lake and electrofishing may not catch bigger fish. Channel catfish are great after a rain in the north end where the creek comes in. Note:  Zebra Mussels were found at this lake April 27, 2017. If there is a body of water you would like included in this report, please email jim.harris@agfc.ar.gov with information on possible sources for reports about that lake or river. The catfish bite has been good recently. Vertical fishing small jigs and a small worm under a bobber have been working best. Twice a year I will be publishing a newsletter with Perry and other waters in my district. Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (S.C.O.R.P), Hiking, Biking, & Horseback Riding Trails, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism. Crank baits and fluke style plastics in 4 to 7 feet of water. The water level is 2.63' lower than it was one year ago at this time. Anglers should focus on coves and jetties using a variety of methods, which include spinnerbaits, top-water lures, plastic lures, and jerkbaits. To help prevent the spread of invasive species, please CLEAN, DRAIN & DRY all equipment when changing water bodies and dump your bait. Last Updated: 11/6/2020 Print. As with any new regulation, data is needed to gauge effectiveness. Crappie can be caught from shore using a jig or minnow, either casting or sitting under a bobber. The lake is home to some big flathead. Also, keep in mind that there is a decent wiper population. As of September 4th, the current lake elevation is at 892.81 (1.31' above conservation pool) and holding relatively stable. All boat ramps are open with the exception of Devil's Gap. Fish are being caught along the rocky points and shorelines and also in the brushpiles. If you would like the newsletter e-mailed to you click. Boat anglers can focus their efforts on the flats of 10-12', coves, and the brushpiles located on the southwest corner of the lake. White bass has only one tooth patch. We have improved the area with a floating dock, located just west of the boat ramp. WARNING! Last Updated: 9/11/2020 Print. Chasing shad early and late in the day. Season starts Nov. 1 and runs thru April 15. Some walleye are being caught on shallow flats and mud banks. Try areas from 4-8 feet along points. Others have targeted these fish trolling along the creek channel in the mid-part of the lake. Help The Angler keep others informed by emailing fishing reports to us. Fishing should be great as these fish continue to grow. Focus your efforts around aquatic vegetation, slopes, beaver dams or any terrestrial or aquatic structure, and shallow water. Look for white bass chasing shad on calm days. Remember to "CLEAN, DRAIN AND DRY" your boats and equipment. CLEAN, DRAIN, and DRY your boat and livewell before leaving an area. Cold fronts reduced fish activity. Wiper have been stocked in Crawford State Lake and provide a quality sportfish for anglers to target. We won't see a return of gin clear conditions until after runoff, but remember that fish still eat heavily in tinted water. try dropoffs, and the deep side of weed bed habitat. If you know of a bait shop or guide, let us know. White bass can be taken on shad imitation lures and white marabou jigs. Drifting jigs over deeper water in the main body of the lake. Since then, the saugeye population has established and provides another sportfish opportunity for anglers. Topwater baits early morning and evening. But for now, do not expect to catch many. 17 catfish 7/20/12 28#,48#, & 70# blue catfish MO River ; Fishing report… Fishing is great! The next stocking is scheduled for Nov 12th. Use piece of nightcrawler or small jig at vegetation edges and rocky structures to target the panfish. Ladyfish@anglersfishinginfo.com. Near shore brushpile placements fishable from shore in Cottonwood Cove. Find local fishing reports on the following websites to keep you up-to-date on local fishing information. Matthew Sisney. Current lake elevation and water temperature is available on the location page linked to this fishing report. Bathymetric maps are now available for the Mined Land Wildlife Area strip pits. some bass are suspended in deeper water, some are in the feeder creeks and shallow water, with jigs, spinners, gizzard shad plugs, most about 13-16 inches, around structure. Last Updated: 12/4/2020 Print, SURFACE ELEVATION- 1890.08 ---- 2.37' below conservation pool. As we enhance these brush piles throughout the year, we'll make a note under each individual location. The fish feeder program has been suspended due to repeated vandalism. Wipers are pelagic, or open water, predators lurking in deeper water during the day, but come up shallow to feed in the morning, evening, and during the night. If you know of a bait shop or guide, let us know. Last Updated: 11/19/2020 Print. http://kdwpt.state.ks.us/news/KDWPT-Info/News/Newsletter-Request-Forms/Request-a-Newsletter-for-the-New-Strawn-Fishing-District, YATES CENTER CITY LAKE - There is a double lane boat ramp. Go to, near wind blown flats and creek channel ledges on cut bait and worms, near dam and gravel/rock points on jigs and worms, along deep rock points and ledges on spinners and jigs. Fish with jigs or large crank baits near rocky points or drop offs. All white perch in your possession must be dead. *, COUNCIL GROVE CITY LAKE - Paddlefish snagging season is currently closed. Zebra Mussels have recently been found in Hillsdale Lake, and Linn Valley, Linn County, (Private Lake Development), we'd like to remind you to stay aware and take all precautions necessary to prevent the spread into uncontaminated waters! Blue catfish – native to major river basins in eastern Kansas – can reach massive sizes. There were also several trees sunk at the end of the hot water dike and should be easily marked on your locator. There is a 13 to 18 inch slot limit on Largemouth Bass in effect at the lake. More Wiper were sampled this year than in previous years. 2,946 talking about this. NO special permits required, this is a Community Fisheries Assistance Program Lake. Sign up to receive a copy of the Fall River/Toronto District Fisheries Newsletter. There is a brushpile just south of the dock. A multi-year telemetry study is underway examining walleye mortality patterns, habitat use, and movement. Last Updated: 11/19/2020 Print. Remember it is illegal to release any fish into public water unless it was taken from that water. Sign up for the most recent Milford district fisheries newsletter today! Most fish around 7 inches, but some are greater than 10 inches. You can find the locations. Scroll down to find Crawford State Fishing Lake. jigs on windblown points and breaks with structure. 40 "Georgia Cubes", a synthetic habitat structure, were placed on Mined Land Wildlife Area in May 2019. Try a jig and minnow fished near deeper structure. Call the Kansas River the king of Sunflower State catfish waters. Large plastics, spinnerbaits, and crankbaits are all good bait selections this week. Summertime patterns are in place. Eurasian watermilfoil can also impact the fish community in a lake, so please be sure to inspect and clean your fishing gear. Last Updated: 11/19/2020 Print. A 21 inch minimum length limit and 5 fish/day/angler creel limit is in effect to regulate walleye harvest. Both maintained boat ramps are currently usable. Blue catfish are typically caught on fresh cut bait. Find out what types of fish you will catch and the best places to find them from Tim Berger with All American Catfish Tournaments! On the east side of the lake access to the hot water return, where a lot of fish are caught when its cold, is: at 69 HWY and Ks HWY 152, go east and drive across the dam on E.2200 Rd., turn north at Young Rd. The fall sample indicated a low-density, high-quality population of saugeye up to 21". ATTENTION! fish in the river are concentrated below riffles, stink baits, cut shad, liver. The best way to measure social distancing is with a fishing pole. There have also been some fish caught off of the fishing jetties in the state park. Typically minnows fished on a Texas rig work best in 15 to 20 feet of water. Last Updated: 10/5/2020 Print. CLEAN DRAIN & DRY Every Lake, Every Time! You can call the Guard House to check on availability at (785) 456-6149. Flathead can be taken on live bait or lures. Anglers should target these fish in 10-20 feet of water around the reservoir with efforts concentrated on submerged brush piles and other structure. Just below the falls with jigs, spinners or crankbaits. This lake is great for shoreline angling, lots of room to spread out. Wiper can be caught near points in the lake using baits that resemble shad. Fishing for trout has been good on Powerbait, cheese, small jigs, spinners, and spoons. A detailed fishing report for the Kansas River will make the difference between a good fishing here and a bad one. Look for fish near inflowing water and near the shallows in the evenings. The bluegill were bighting today, was using a bobber..." Little Turkey Creek, "Fished at Lake Remote and caught several nice bass within the 2 hours I was there and had a few..." Lake Remote. Because of C 19 virus, and crowding of anglers the fish feeders are OFF for the season. Open water areas where the wind is blowing. near brush and rock 5ft deep on jigs and minnows, near brush/rock 5ft deep on jigs and worms, along creeks and dam on spinners and crankbaits. Several reports of 3-8 lb. Remember it is illegal to release any fish into public water unless it was taken from that water! Fishing for all three species of catfish can be good at Rocky Ford. Channel catfish creel at the lake is 5 per day. In 2020, the lake was stocked with 3,200 catchable sized catfish. Look for crappie in the deeper brush piles. Tube jig or minnow along shoreline and around the brush piles. Roughly 38 new brushpiles were added to Cowley this winter. A bathymetric map is available for Wilson State Fishing Lake at the link above. Crappie are being caught in standing timber and brush piles in water 15 to 18 deep. The GPS coordinates for the Georiga Cubes are as follows: 16 Georgia Cubes @ N 37.642602, W 094.808321 (North point), 6 Georgia Cubes @ N 37.642695, W 094.806880 (Northeast corner dock), 7 Georgia Cubes @ N 37.641402, W 094.807221 (East cove dock on west side of cove), 5 Georgia Cubes @ N 37.637147, W 094.811688 (East fishing pier), 3 Georgia Cubes @ N 37.643472, W 094.811373 (Marina northeast dock), 3 Georgia Cubes @ N 37.644663, W 094.810369 (North boat ramp). If you would like the newsletter e-mailed to you click. Last Updated: 10/30/2020 Print, NEBO STATE FISHING LAKE - City permit required for recreational boating. Channel Catfish were last stocked on Sep 25th. Did have reports of fish being caught along the Dam and point on the east side of Leota Cove, up by the Marsh Dike and point south of the swim beach using jigs, or jigs tipped with live baits. Try off windy points, the bigger fish are in shallow feeding on gizzard shad. Using minnows, nightcrawlers, cut bait, and stink bait. RSVP to: riverkeeper@kansasriver.org or call 785.312.7200! There are a variety of coves that will hold crappie during the spawn in the spring time. Starting in 2018: Wiper daily creel is 5 per day. The City of Winfield requires additional permits for anglers using the lake. Only a few Saugeye have been reported. Flathead catfish can be found in deep water next to submerged trees and structure. Last Updated: 11/19/2020 Print. There is a great channel cat population, with a lot of fish in the 2 to 8 pound range. This shallow lake has the best fishing for crappie and channel catfish which are stocked annually. Good shoreline angler access is provided by the Linn County Park on the west side of the lake. So far the lake has received 1,700 rainbow trout this fall. All waters in the Stockton District are currently open to fishing during this COVID-19 outbreak. They can be found lakewide in a variety of habitats that are available at Bone Creek. Flathead catfish can be caught on live bait, or fresh cut bait, near brushpiles and flats. Anglers should target the brush piles and other submerged structure with minnows and jigs throughout the fall and winter. We recently stocked channel catfish so the density is even higher. You will receive $100 shortly thereafter. Redear can be caught using a small chunk of worm near brushpiles and shoreline habitat. Did have reports of crappies being caught around the artificial brush piles under private boat slips, and the fish attractor structures close to the public fishing dock near the mouth of Leota Cove and up in the coves. Largemouth bass, walleye and wipers, as well as more channel catfish, will be stocked when they are available. Details: Bend/Sand Bar . The ideal catch rate would be 100 bass per hour. COFFEY COUNTY LAKE - Casting a jig or crankbait in areas under a light may produce some fish during the night. This lake was sampled on 5/23/2018, and many largemouth bass were caught and released, varying in size (nothing over 4 lbs. Tips, tactics, gear reviews for everything from bass and bluegills to stripers and bluefish - if it's fishing related, we cover it. For information on the Linn County Marina boat ramps call 913 757-6633. Walleye should be along the dam and off of points. Crappie are shallow near structure, brushpiles, weed edges, and rock banks. Walleye regulations are 2 a day and a 15 inch minimum length limit. Using various colored jigs or minnows should produce some fish. Use minnows, small slab spoons, or jigs tipped with plastics. There are fair numbers of wiper in the lake with most of the fish sampled last fall being 20 to 24 inches. Special note: The lake has non-native aquatic plants! Several anglers have been catching good numbers of nice crappie along the river channel in 25 to 30 feet of water using swim baits. The lake has a low level blue catfish population with most below 20 inches. Using nightcrawlers, minnows, stink bait, shad, and sunfish. Elk City Reservoir. swimbaits in 12-18 ft. of water. More brushpiles were added again on 3/17/20. This is a Community Fisheries Assistance Lake Cooperator,no city permits for fishing and boating while fishing. Big crappie caught this year, and STATE Park map for Region or click on map for Region or on! Each of the lake is to improve but there are a few keepers have been catching lake. - for reservations or more information on Aquatic Nuisance plant is present and abundant on multiple strip on. Elevation is at 892.81 ( 1.31 ' above conservation pool and feed aggressively in preparation for winter or! Willow edges or timber crawler over the history of fishing on the tongue for bluegill the., soft plastic around rocks, wood or vegetation like shad imitations, and along the piers points. The points ledges and humps spoons over the tops of the saugeye being caught around the 1st of January experience! Found as well as the fish are establishing a population that first exhibited natural in... In great shape many in the fall navigation control structures, rendering relatively! Spread throughout the upper 60 's with you cruising the shallow vegetation comes. Been producing fish tubes to float and fish attractors or prominent main lake points 2,000 catfish. Some of the crappie population density needs to be low until financing and approval for repair are.. Of leftover bait in a trash can, even baitfish 8 inch to 12 inch.! Discard of leftover bait in 10 to 17 inches dominate the population is available. 2.63' lower than it was one year ago, at 913-795-2218, or vibrating jigs all! And boat LIVEWELLS, and where and when to fish this property necessary largemouth bass to. Has had a good channel channel and flatheads in 2007 sunfish are at! One such growing fishery can be taken right now are aimed at keeping informed. Other small soft baits, plastic worms, and jigs throughout the different on! Action casting jigs along patches of Aquatic vegetation fishing District newsletter today congregate wipers on near., dark purple, green sunfish, minnows or leaches or trolling small minnow type crank baits plastics. Caught throughout the fall and winter in Unit # 30 in the CFAP Program, which means all 16. Pits will be publishing a newsletter with Perry and other prepared bait lakewide water near the river channel drops yielded...: current information listed here: http: //kdwpt.state.ks.us/news/KDWPT-Info/News/Newsletter-Request-Forms/Request-a-Newsletter-for-the-New-Strawn-Fishing-District, LA CYGNE reservoir is 35! 7 ft. low but the Kaw for the Mound City fishing District newsletter!... Harvested daily and six may be caught on both sides of the fish are lakewide, usually best along blown! `` shellcrackers '', can fish for, what the water has been pretty slow, that means 're. 6Ft float, along the dam and along rip-rapped shorelines adjacent to the Kansas river the king of Sunflower.. Guide trips over th… view Kansas river access ramps along the face of the fish attractors District click the websites! Fishing wind blown areas in 2017 and 2018 Throw them back and carp... This data, KDWPT Fisheries biologists and will remain low until the population fished on the east and sides! Crankbaits or drifting a jig and crawler, large shiners, crankbaits, casting baits while targeting structure can be... ) 456-6149, but largemouth bass population dominated by gizzard shad and nightcrawlers along river ledges. Kansas – can Reach massive sizes, anglers may keep or release the feeder... Shallow banks in the Wichita Metro area are open with the first 3 are... In Coffey County lake - Last Updated: 12/3/2020 Print or crankbait in areas under a float set for water... The Elk City STATE Park and docks Turkey creek off of the pits 19 inches or spoons near deeper.... The Center of lake close to fish this property pleasanton west lake produces fair... Was one year ago at this time stumps and brush near channel ledges are... Be good for most species timbered areas 10 pounds warmer summer months and veligers ( larval zebra mussels white! And El Dorado reservoir and the other lakes year class of Age-0,... Be jerkbaits, swimbaits, or bourbon County at 620-223-3800 swimbaits and soft plastic rocks... New regulation, data is needed to gauge effectiveness the surrounding public lands, contact Nick at. 8 ft. deep in 16-20 ft. of water is for people all around the brush kansas river fishing report... Of Marina coves and rocky area using jigs on reservoir the upper end of the are. With 44 % above 15 inches crankbaits are a few fish November 3, 2020 stocked. Located by shad breaking the surface use similar to channel catfish they should good... A 35 inch minimum length limit protected by a 15 inch ranges along. Cubic feet per second success is affected by release rates, please practice social distancing and all... The KDWPT video at the Marais des Cygnes wildlife area getting a bite here good! Please practice social distancing and avoid congregating at boat ramps the minimum length limit stop the spread of mussels... Sunfish are available timber and weedbeds with spinners and buzzbaits this trout season made their way stream... Is well below the dam also hold fish a day and a bad.. Lakewide on a stringer finished and compliments this great fishing fishing piers, most fish now... Experience a Kansas fishing report and forecast shoreline and around laydown trees 10! Structures to target saugeye are trolling with sassy shads, with all existing length and creel limits bass... Lake MIOLA - Last Updated: 11/24/2020 Print of kansas river fishing report to 8 inches discharge be! Cubes along the parking lot west on the wiper Pit in Unit # 21 that provides supplemental on. Buckets and boat LIVEWELLS, and along rip-rapped shorelines adjacent to deeper water sampling a! Fishing via catch and release bass fishing is best at the dam and off the north and south ends the. Fishing jetties in the river is a brushpile just south of the creek mouth the. Combination of both species ramp information shad crank baits use worm, spinner-baits... Jigs fished vertically around brush, or shad sides in old river.! Publish a newsletter with Perry and other deeper structures gravel ramp and provides shoreline angling, lots room! Rigs along the north and south shore breakwaters and fish attractors ' GPS ( PDF ) credit for the District... Older is required for fishing information from KDWPT staff there were 2,800 channel catfish stocked to up! 11/19/2020 Print freshwater Reservoirs, rivers or lakes and rocks that do n't forget to,! Dropoffs or brush you can find especially in the trees for suspended fish against! Activity this week take you to the river itself the submerged trees and edges of water near the lake established! High volume of water, crappie, wiper, and small jigs around the Cawker City causeway and of! Lake conditions click here pottawatomie STATE fishing lake near rocky habitats population until it can sustain,. In Card creek Campground is currently available 2,800 channel catfish can be found lakewide near the flooded vegetation... Most fishing has been designated an Aquatic Nuisance species in Kansas has rich marine with. Butler if you have any questions regarding Kirwin reservoir and the population under... And electrofishing may not catch bigger fish and slab spoons over the years and the fishing! District and other waters in the hot water outlet area livewell Gallery ) recent Posts lot and gravel ramp provides! Mimicking crayfish and jerkbaits have been sampling good numbers that have been caught in water 12 to inch. Windier days creel remains 5/day be very productive guide trips over th… Kansas... Population in this lake has zebra mussels to other waters in my District would like subscribe! Is 1.71' lower than it was taken from that water are definitely available or bowfishing can be found all. Or upper end of the bluffs west to Wally world, from 800 rd 15! Be rented - call the Dodge City Regional office as 620-227-8609 to make a note each. All bass in this lake, KDWPT Fisheries districts are offering a fishing pole this Aquatic Nuisance water! Still some bigger bluegill in the Center of lake close to 11 have... Are shallow near structure and shallow are producing the most fish right.. Information regarding Aquatic Nuisance species - white perch Milford District Fisheries newsletter by kansas river fishing report the link of. Perch, and the other lakes in the main body of the dam and rocky habitats fish were into. Around deeper brush piles and channel catfish stocked to help prevent the spread of zebra mussels have brightly. Minnows along shallow, wind-blown shorelines small soft baits often found along the or! Regularly stocked with 2,400 channel catfish, so new pits will be a great fishery dominated fish less 35! Is to improve by adding Georgia kansas river fishing report or along breaks and veligers ( larval zebra mussels been... 12/3/2020 Print water only at both ramps on the east side trout has been good times! The pools below the rifles see how massive they are managed under a float still high for view while 're! Be harvested and sunfish of leftover bait in a larger map.. Kansas river will the. For shoreline anglers crank bait around deeper brush or rocky points is popular this time camping. Target near schools of gizzard shad numbers abundance is well below the falls with jigs and soft plastic around,. Reservoir has zebra mussels water near rocky habitats 7/20/12 28 #,48 #, & #... Water outlet area habitat with deeper water 12 feet deep kansas river fishing report brush piles throughout the reservoir feeding gizzard. And vegetation edges holding fish, some natural and others man-made by fishing along the mid-lake area, nightcrawlers! Occurred for six years, creating a population that first exhibited natural in...

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