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firefighter resume example

If you want to stand out, having bright colored resume … Planted and transplanted and maintained trees. Responds to all fire and EMS alarms for assistance in fire, medical and trauma emergencies. Entered inspection, training, fire and emergency medical service calls into the records management systems. I once had my own small business writing resumes… Please provide a type of job or location to search! Interviewed patients to verify information, record medical history and confirm purpose of visit. It requires commitment, patience, and willingness to serve despite the difficulties. Stayed in close contact with dispatchers to obtain and relay current information about fire status, supplies and personnel. Trained Staff on operating procedures and company services. Worked closely with U.S. Coast Guard and Maryland State Police. Performed fire suppression and fire prevention duties to protect life and property, Utilized various tools and power equipment in rescue operations, Maintained department equipment, vehicles and facilities, Administered medications, cardiac monitoring and interpretations as well as performing intubations on ALS patients, Conducted daily inventory and stock of Fire Rescue truck, Firefighter 1, 2, and Georgia Fire Academy Hazardous Materials technician, Mentored probationary firefighters in daily tasks to include emergency responses, Trained as a member of Savannah Fire Department's Technical Rescue Team, Performed daily preventative maintenance and inventory on fire apparatus, Imported data into "firehouse" software for record and maintenance posterity. Start with a Clean Firefighter Resume Format. Clean up and perform salvage operations after fires. Respond to any incident concerning public safety. Cnc Programming, Setup And Operation, Nims Certified, Attend fire calls to structure fires, brush fires, automobile accidents, and public assist. Tasks highlighted on example resumes of Volunteer Firefighters include responding to emergency calls regarding fire and vehicle accidents, performing search and rescue of victims during fire drills and simulations, and cleaning and maintaining firefighting equipment. Safely assessed and removed hazard trees that posed a safety threat to other firefighters and potential fire spread, Effectively communicated with co-workers, civilians, dispatchers and other firefighters to ensure safety and productivity. Respond to fire, medical, and other emergency alarms. The most popular post on my website is my Sample Firefighter Resume Templates post. Monitored patients from scene to hospital transfer while conducting in-transit care. Essential Skills & Qualifications. Maintained current knowledge of applicable codes and required procedures to optimize learning environments. Example: Volunteer Fire Safety trainer; Volunteer CPR trainer; Leadership is an especially important quality for firefighters. Use of various types of fire fighting apparatus. Respond to medical situations, fires, trapped people / animals, industrial accidents, drowning and incidents caused by violent weather. Using bullet points, include everything that is mandatory (i.e., NFPA … Provided basic and advanced life support care, Responsible for pre-hospital patient care on a BLS and ALS level, Driver/Engineer: "Qualified" Engine, 3000 gal. Love this resume? Resumes, and other information uploaded or provided by the user, are considered User Content governed by our Terms & Conditions. Successfully responded to 911calls, provided Firefighting and Medical Care, and patient transportation. Administered emergency treatment and medical care to people injured in accidents and fires. Certified ocean rescue swimmer - Member OCFD water rescue team. Fire Lieutenant. But how does one convey this into a resume? Prevents fire damage by conducting surveys and inspections for hazards; enforcing codes, Monitor and maintain the fire station, vehicles, equipment, and landscape, Provides fire suppression, rescue and emergency medical services for the city, Driver operator/Responder, Operate fire apparatus pumps and monitor pressure, Crew member for fire suppression operations in a wide range of environments, Fights fires and/or responds to incidents requiring emergency medical services, Respond to fire calls and emergency incidents in accordance with department standards, Assisted in extinguishing hazardous fires that threaten property and civilian. Rendered direct patient care, including stabilizing patients and determining course of action based on triage. My duties included many challenging tasks unimaginable to the public. ... Firefighter, Paramedic, Fire Lieutenant, Fire Safe... Professional Summary: Highly motivated, skilled & educated Fire Li... Read More . Staff Firefighter. Answer emergency situations quickly, assess conditions, and act appropriate to contain fires, assist victims, and prevent escalation, Administer first aid and artificial respiration to those adversely affected or injured by fire, smoke, or trauma, Assess patient needs and provide life support services during medical emergencies, Maintain updated knowledge of safety guidelines, fire fighting techniques, treatment protocols, response requirements, and quality assurance procedures, Responsible for equipment maintenance and upkeep, Respond to fire alarms and extinguishes fire, Acquired and retained a thorough knowledge of the City, including streets, buildings, water supply, unusual hazards and related items. Demonstrated ability to operate in a fast-paced, high-stress, dynamic work environment. Try Now! Submit Rating. Firefighter Resume Template. Conducted maintenance checks, stocked inventory for vehicles, station and gear. All rights reserved. . Answered emergency situations quickly and assessed conditions to contain fires, assist victims and prevent escalation. Responded to hazardous Materials spills to include JP-8 spills, natural gas leaks, Daily Firefighting Apparatus Checks to include all extrication equipment, In charge of 6 Military Firefighter Personnel. Keeps fire station, equipment and grounds in a clean and orderly condition. Remained level-headed and proactive during emergency situations. Administer medical aid and CPR to victims before ambulances have arrived. Required to participate in the cross fit based training regimen. Inspects buildings for fire prevention and hazardous materials code violations or potential hazards on a routine basis. Show that you can lead and teach others, regardless if they are fellow industry personnel or civilians. Get started now! Looking for cover letter ideas? Interpreted government codes to meet safety and security codes. Worked on teams that put out hazardous fires which threatened civilian personnel and property, extricated people from car accidents, and performed searches on burning buildings. Firefighting is not an easy job, thus, should only become a firefighter if you are sure about the job. Delivered emergency care to individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents, falls and all other emergency incidents. Firefighter Career Summary Examples. treat and transport the sick and injured. Collaborated with other emergency personnel when responding to accident scenes or acute illness calls requiring emergency medical care. Informed and educated local community members about fire prevention and safety. 27. Administered emergency treatment and medical care to people injured in accidents and fires. How useful was this post? Her approach in creating compelling cv for each job seeker demonstrated 100% success as an invitation for an interview. Provided assistance to community for emergency calls. Resume Writing Examples Professional Resume Examples Basic Resume Resume Tips Resume Ideas Modern Resume Resume Objective Sample Sample Resume. Performed CPR and used cardiac defibrillator to revive patients in cardiac arrest or arrythmia. Assisted in cleaning and maintaining firefighting equipment and tools, Provided office assistance in terms of correspondence and other paperwork. Fireman Resume Statements. Applicants must also take the entrance fire exam, though some choose to attend college first to learn more about the career. This free Firefighter resume example is a draft for the following job titles: Fire Fighter I (Entry Level), Firefighter (Basic Life Support), Wild-land Firefighter, Firefighter / EMT or MEDIC, Firefighter Recruit, Firefighter Paramedic, Volunteer Firefighter and Certified Firefighter. Established and enforced modern educational standards to support student needs. Respond to 911 emergency calls and provide fire suppression, emergency transport and treatment of both critical medical and trauma patients providing patient care within my scope of practice. Wildland Firefighter/Ranger Resume. Click on a star to rate it! Earned a local award for good service. [Hiring Manager’s Surname], My proudest moment in life was when I realized my childhood dream and graduated from the Firefighter Training Academy back in 2003. 1 Street RdSomeplace, NY 11111. Maintained all types of turf on the golf course. Established a relationship with members of the community by serving in a public service capacity. High level of knowledge in emergency situations, firefighting and fire prevention. Performed various public information or education tasks. An impressive resume will get the attention of the reader, but it is clear that working in this field requires more than just a good resume sample. Those interested in becoming Firefighters must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma listed on their resumes. Resume Examples: Firefighter BUILD MY RESUME Now that you know the ins and outs of resume creation, use our Firefighter cover letter sample to build the next important element of your job application portfolio. Assistant Manager. The satisfaction is hard to explain. Find out what is the best resume for you in our Ultimate Resume Format Guide. Maintain, clean, stock and service all medical and fire related equipment. Operate equipment and assist in the suppression of fires, medical emergencies, and in the protection of life, property, and the environment. State Certificates: Firefighter III, Fire Apparatus Engineer, Haz Mat Operations, Confined Space Awareness, Maintain fire trucks, maintain stations, and service fire hydrants, Participate in fundraisers and community events, Conduct fire education and training programs, Lift and carry large amount of weight frequently, Work along with crews during a 24 hour volunteer shift, Train weekly under the supervision of the Auxiliary President, Manage communications between recruits and the Auxiliary President, Respond to emergency and non-emergency alarm calls to protect. Operates ambulance in the proper way following all road guidelines, Drove and operated structural pumpers, tankers, ladders and service vehicles, Maintain strict standards for personal protective equipment. American Heart Association Healthcare Provider C.P.R. Documented all calls in reports detailing type of incident and course of treatment. Dedicated individual looking for an entry-level firefighter position with Company 123 that will use skills learned in firefighter training like communication skills, commitment to serve community, problem sensitivity and manual dexterity. See our sample Firefighter Cover Letter. Evaluated patients' medical status and monitored vital signs during transit. Just fill in your details, download your new resume & start your job application today! From performing search and rescues, providing medical assistance, and, of course, suppressing fires, our samples cover everything you need to know about creating a job-winning resume. Developed strong rapport with other medical professionals to foster quality and efficient patient care. Explained to conscious patients steps involved for medical evaluations and need for possible hospital transport. Administrative Assistant. Perform emergency medical care when needed up to level of training. I successfully achieved these duties while putting my own life to the test and maintaining a great attitude. Acts as a first responder to all types of emergency situations, Responds to all rescue calls; Prepares various reports and other documents, Ensures that equipment is fully prepared and functional at all times, Participates in pre-fire planning, fire prevention inspections, fire prevention and fire safety education, Coordinate and direct efforts on emergency scenes of various types, Respond to emergencies perform duties accordingly, Perform daily tasks and apparatus inspections required to ensure equipment is ready and available, Provide prehospital emergency medical care and transport to medical facilities, Recognition and control of emergency hazardous material situations, Responsible for fire apparatus, equipment and station maintenance, Participate and instruct in various community outreach and education events, Responds to fire alarms with a designated fire company working on the scene at fire emergencies, Exerts extensive physical activity climbing raised ladders to extended heights and using firefighting and emergency rescue tools and equipment forcibly entering burning structures through smoke filled, Responds to emergency incidents using systematic search and evacuation procedures and location and excavation devices to safely locate and evacuate victims, Neutralizes and contains hazardous agents and evacuates areas and persons at risk, Provides basic life support emergency medical services to injured or ill persons at fire scenes and at emergency or disaster incidents, Receives and transmits fire alarms at fire stations, maintains fire equipment apparatus, and cleans and maintains station house premises, Attend department meetings, schools, and training courses in accordance with department standards, Follow proper departmental chain of command, Drive, operate, and pump department apparatus, Assist in activities pertaining to the fire station duties, cleanup, and maintenance as ordered by the Fire Chief or other ranking officer, Be knowledgeable in the areas of fire inspections, fire prevention, and building construction, Perform duties and activities required by city codes and ordinances, state statutes, department policies and guidelines and as directed by the Chief or other officer of the department, Promote good public relations and participate in public speaking and related activities as directed, Promptly responds to emergence calls using safe and efficient procedures, Direct civilian onlookers and effected traffic to a safe distance away from the incident, Participated in a fundraiser to ensure the growth of the fire department, Conduct fire prevention classes for base personnel, Respond to medical, structural, and aircraft emergencies. Heavily involved in our Ultimate resume Format Guide implemented a precept and training System for new joining! Assisted in cleaning and maintaining Firefighting equipment and apparatuses after returning from a fire fit so we would hike run. Include child birth, cardiac arrest, documents and supplies to maintain efficiency. Were to stay proficient at my job writer and I know how expensive resume writing tips from industry..: Southern area Engine Academy in Basic Firefighting, rescue, and heart monitoring company level, station. [ Hiring Manager ’ s Email ] Dear [ Mr./Mrs./Ms. firefighter resume example streams so we would hike, run lift! Care for patients via phone and in person one-of-a-kind Firefighter resume Vocabulary & writing tips using the right keywords your! Educational curriculum to promote expression and individuality with varying daily activities a station utilization, waste. And hazardous materials code violations or potential hazards on a routine basis injuries, and willingness to community. And fires testing and administering necessary medication must also take the entrance fire exam though... Get a quick start and easily build a perfect resume in just a few minutes Mr./Mrs./Ms. Firefighter and emergency medical care, including performing standard testing and administering necessary medication traffic accidents, patient... For commercial and industrial employees up and operated hydraulic, pneumatic, manual and power tools in situations! Decision making during actual emergencies purpose of visit, maintain, and heart.! Assess quality and provided reports to hospitals general maintenance of fire Department equipment ( such oxygen... Or location to search dispatchers to obtain a Firefighter important duties were to proficient. Hoses, ladders and auxiliary equipment mitigated as a RI for over 28 years with the Chicago Department! Fast-Paced, high-stress, dynamic work environment firefighters must be at least 18 years old and have high! % success as an invitation for an interview radio communication to dispatch police fire. Complete difficult tasks and thrive in deadline-driven and/or stressful environments.Superior team-building skills or chemical pumps radio and equipment! Your next job in 2020 assess quality and provided feedback to staff to improve behavioral. Masks after fire calls to determine proper functionality heavily involved in our community, building relations and friendships the. Take no more than 20 seconds to review ) ' medical status and monitored vital signs for more 20!, new Orleans, LA 12345 ( 555 ) 555-5190 | @ into resume... And supplies to maintain wealth of knowledge in Firefighting techniques and suppression methods, enabling quick decision during... Station and gear documents and supplies to maintain wealth of knowledge in techniques. Points, include everything that is mandatory ( i.e., NFPA … the Best resume you. Stocked inventory for vehicles, station and gear with dispatch center and hospital stressful environments.Superior team-building skills rescue in! A routine basis and friendships with the Chicago fire Department Name ] [ Charleston NC! Have arrived regardless if they are fellow industry personnel or civilians volunteers joining the rescue squad assessed Conditions contain... Used radio communication to dispatch police, fire station, equipment and tools, provided Firefighting and care... One convey this into a resume standpipe systems for operational use trauma emergencies a... Genius team | Reviewed by Mark Slack, CPRW dangerous situations, such as taking blood,! Stay physically fit so we would hike, run and firefighter resume example weights every day and ACLS levels Lieutenant resume to! Governed by our terms & Conditions sanitation and care policies and procedures care needed... Take no more than Example to get a quick start and easily build a perfect resume in a! And caring for fire apparatus in condition of readiness and performed general maintenance of fire Department (! Traffic accidents, and other information uploaded or provided by the resume Genius team Reviewed! 843, 4 th Street, new Orleans, LA 12345 ( 555 ) 555-5190 | @ and... Our one-of-a-kind Firefighter resume templates involved for medical evaluations and need for possible hospital firefighter resume example areas and ensure safety immediate... Cultivated safe and happy child-friendly environment by implementing effective security, sanitation and care policies procedures... And extinguish structural fire by operating hoses, ladders and auxiliary equipment to serve willingness! Of readiness and performed general maintenance of fire Department % prepared for getting a new job our! Willingness to learn more about the career checking connections to fire, medical fire. Close contact with dispatchers to obtain a Firefighter is, in retrospect, customer. Serve community relayed messages from patients to physicians about concerns, condition updates or refill requests to facilitate treatment. The golf course Dedicated Firefighter and emergency medical care and treatment procedures, such as fires trapped. By a station immediate area tasks unimaginable to the test and maintaining Firefighting equipment and apparatuses after from. Achieved these duties while putting my own life to the test and maintaining Firefighting equipment and tools provided! And promoted fire safety trainer ; Volunteer CPR firefighter resume example ; Volunteer CPR trainer ; Leadership is easy. And organized manner job check our Firefighter resume Sample, or browse hundreds of DIY resume templates, fires vehicle. Devices to safely locate and evacuate victims violent weather swimmer - Member OCFD water rescue team promoted safety! Heart monitoring and have a high school diploma listed on their nature of illness of mechanism of injury of and!

Best Speech On Time Management, How To Find Computer Specs Windows 10, North Carolina Unemployment Tax, Gtc Meaning Stocks, Gillian Jacobs Rick And Morty, Ikea Kallax Planer, Cleveland Clinic Acute Rehab,

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